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Charter Rates

4 hours, first 5 pax 
Weekday (Mon – Thu): $750
Weekend (Fri – Sun): $920
PH/PH eve: $920

4 hours, first 10 pax 
Weekend (Fri – Sun): $1,495
PH/PH eve: $1495

Add pax: $130/pax (max. up to 12)
Add hour: $165/hour

Charcoal BBQ pit rental w/ cooking service: $165
City skyline cruise: NA
Pet-friendly: Upon request

Departs From

RSYC, 52 West Coast Ferry road

About The Yacht

Max Capacity


Built In



46 ft

Beam Width

14 ft

Sierra 1 is an excellent choice for those who are seeking an unforgettable yachting experience. Whether you’re planning a special occasion or a corporate team-building event, Sierra 1 offers luxurious and spacious saloon and outdoor spaces where you can relax and unwind in style and comfort. Our yacht is equipped with complimentary amenities such as KTV, BBQ pit, and sea sports, which cater to your needs and requirements fully.

Moored at the well-respected Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC), Sierra 1 is easily accessible and offers a unique and elevated experience at a reasonable cost. Our yacht is well-equipped and provides you with a world of fun, making it an exhilarating way to spend your day.

Create new and lasting memories with your loved ones on Sierra 1 today and take advantage of the onboard amenities which are available, free of charge! Don’t wait any longer. Book your unforgettable experience now and make your dreams a reality!

Included in Charter

Sea scooter

Bar fridge

Ice cooler box

Fishing rods


Floating water mat

Stand-up paddle boards

Snorkeling gear

Karaoke system

Portable boom boxes


No corkage & self-catering fee


No footwear onboard

No pets allowed

No red wine

No water activities after 7 PM

No glassware

Drink responsibly

Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the yacht when stationary

Please listen to the captain’s instructions and do not commit rash acts that will endanger the charter or any passengers


We will allow one reschedule if the request is 14 days prior to the commencement of the rental, subjected to administrative charges of up to $300, if applicable. For unforeseen circumstances, please inform us and we will try our best to help you. Else, any no show is considered as a cancellation with no refunds.


Up to 100% refund of the rental price if cancelled 30 days and more prior to commencement of the rental; Up to 50% refund of the rental price if cancelled 14 to 29 days prior to commencement of the rental.

  • 12 max pax
  • 46ft Long
  • 2010 Edition
  • 14ft Wide
Powered Monohull


The yacht will commence its cruise from either marina (depending on where the yacht is berthed) and will sail out for the southern islands. The yacht will then anchor around the Pulau Seringat pontoon or in front of Lazarus beach, for guests to commence on various activities such as exploring the island, swimming, kayaking or walking along the sandy beach. Please note that the yacht will anchor at one location as per the Captain’s discretion, depending on the sea current on that day. The yacht will not change location after anchoring. For safety reasons due to visibility, all water activities will also have to stop by 7pm. Around 45 minutes before the charter ends, the yacht will do a city skyline cruise and sail back to either marina where guests will disembark. Please note that the city skyline cruise may be an optional add-on depending on the yacht you have chosen. Please refer to the rate chart for your selected yacht for details.

Charter Location

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Value for money
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  • This yacht does not refund if there is a shortfall of guests on the day of the charter. You might want to book your charter for the confirmed number of guests and add on within the maximum capacity nearer to the charter date.
  • Only fully vaccinated passengers are allowed onboard the SZH-licensed pleasure craft. Unvaccinated passengers (other than recovered individuals, medically ineligible individuals, or children aged 12 years and below) are not allowed to board the craft.
  • All rates listed are for basic charters only (4-5 hours depending on the yacht). For the standard itinerary, please click on the "Embarkation" tab.
  • BBQ pit and cooking services DO NOT include food.
  • Ice (otherwise stated), disposable cutlery, and cups are not provided.
  • Do note for wet weather, the Captain will still sail out if it does not pose any safety issues. If it is not possible to sail out, the Captain will try to delay the sail out timing. If it is not possible to sail, the charter will be rescheduled to a later date (subject to availability). No cancellations are allowed. The Captain will decide what is the next course of action. Customers are still required to proceed to the marina and wait for the captain’s final decision.
  • Disembarkation at Lazarus Island Pontoon is no longer permitted by MPA unless the yacht has a tender boat.
  • Balloons are prohibited due to marine life preservation.
  • Red wine is strictly prohibited on all yachts except for Anka, MS Eternity and EagleWings 1, 2 and 3.
  • If no social gatherings are allowed due to any pandemic, we would reschedule the charter up to a mutually agreeable date and time. No cancellations will be permitted. Strictly NO refunds and postponements, should there be any reduction in headcount for social gatherings by the MMTF, charterers will need to reduce their own headcount and consume the charter. Notwithstanding the above, there are no refunds or reschedules for bookings even if guests are tested positive for COVID-19 unless agreed by the yacht owners.